Course Catalog


CVA offers courses during the Fall, Spring, and Summer Terms. One-Credit courses are offered in 3-ways: Full-credit (Y, 1.0 credit); First Half (A, 0.5 credit); Second Half (B, 0.5 credit). This accommodates the various school schedules throughout the Cobb County School District. CVA offers Health, Personal Fitness, Economics, and Government as Half-Credit (0.5 credit) courses.

Courses taken above and beyond the state-funded school schedule, including all summer term courses, have a tuition cost of $275 per half-credit.

All CVA courses meet NCAA eligibility requirements.

The names and descriptions of each course offered by CVA are found below. Click on the course name for course description and numbers. The listed course numbers are unique to CVA online courses.

Click on the following link to review terms in which courses will be offered: 2023 - 2024 CVA Course Catalog.pdf