Fair Oaks Elementary Administration

2022-2023 Fair Oaks Administrative Team

Seibert.jpgCathie Seibert, Principal

I have the honor of returning ‘home’ to serve a community that I have worked with for many years. I admire and respect the dedication to ensure students' success is a reality for our scholars.  As I reflect on the scholars, staff, and community members of Fair Oaks, the words Perseverance, Dedication, and Resilience are the heartbeat of this community.  

One of my favorite quotes is from Zig Ziglar, who said, “There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.” Ensuring each scholar has the tools to open the doors of opportunity is how we take the stairs.  

I'm an industry changeover to education with a plethora of experience, including time in active military service and social services sectors.  My transition happened a little over fifteen years ago when I was a community volunteer, reading with Campbell Middle School students. I decided then that I wanted to spend my life as an educator. The rest is ancient history, and I've worked with scholars at all three levels of elementary, middle, and high school as an exceptional education teacher, lead teacher, special education administrator, and assistant principal. 

It's an honor to serve and support our CommUNITY!  The door to my office is always open.  


Cathie Seibert

Dr. Odom, Assistant PrincipalDr. Lynn Odom, Assistant Principal

Welcome to Fair Oaks!!

It is with excitement and anticipation that I say a great big hello to every student and family! WE are embarking on a great journey TOGETHER. My hopes are for all our students and families to have positive and memorable experiences at Fair Oaks.

This year I will serve as the assistant principal for third, fourth and fifth grade students. I am also in partnership with parents and available to you as well. I will continue to make sure that we offer instruction, activities, and opportunities for students to learn and grow. Please join in this partnership with me.

Elementary school is a serious matter and provides the foundation for all future learning. I encourage parents to be in regular communication with teachers; ask questions about things that are unclear; and ask us about new ways a parent may support learning once a student goes home.

I believe that together we can make this year a very successful year.


Dr. Lynn Odom
Assistant Principal

Chaundra Parker Assistant PrincipalDr. Chaundra Parker, 
Assistant Principal

Dear Fair Oaks School Community:

I am honored to embark on my fifth year as an assistant principal at Fair Oaks Elementary School. Additionally, I am excited to continue assisting our principal with all the great ideas and initiatives at Fair Oaks Elementary School.

Our students are the future, and it takes all of us to be actively involved in their education. I encourage you to help our students to meet and exceed the expectations we have set for them. I look forward to another amazing year of working with our school community. Please know my door is always open to support and focus on what is best for our students. I am extremely enthusiastic about the phenomenal school year that will take place at Fair Oaks!


Dr. Chaundra Parker
Assistant Principal

Kristi_Flood_SSA-1.jpgKristi Flood, SSA Administrator