Advanced Placement Program

AP Info

Total Registration

  • closed for AP Exam registration for the 2023-2024 school year
  • open to confirm exams for which students have registered and paid to take
  • open to check payment information

2024 AP® Exam Terms and Conditions 

  • available to review at cb.org/apexamterms
  • details the rules and policies students must follow related to taking the 2024 AP Exams
  • Students will need to accept these terms and conditions prior to taking each exam, in the exam room.
  • Any updates will be clearly summarized on the terms and conditions page at the link above.
  • College Board will email reminders to AP students about reviewing the terms and conditions before the exam administration.

What to Bring and Not Bring on Exam Day

Things to bring to exams:

  • Photo ID (driver’s license, school ID, printed page from StudentVue with photo, name, student number)
  • No. 2 pencils with erasers
  • Blue/black ink pens
  • Acceptable calculator if applicable to the exam
  •  College Board SSD Accommodations Letter, if applicable

What not to bring:

  • Electronic equipment (phones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, wearable technology, cameras, recording or listening devices, or any other type of electronic or communication device
  • Books, reference guides, notes, compasses, protractors, mechanical pencils, pencils that are not No. 2, correction fluid or tape, dictionaries, highlighters, or colored pencils.
  • Scratch paper
  • Watches that beep, make a noise, or have an alarm
  • Computers or unapproved calculators
  • Reference guides, keyboard maps, or other typing instructions
  • Ear plugs
  • Clothing or shoes with subject-related information
  • Food or drink
  • Clipboards 


Students registered for and taking AP exams will be excused from the remainder of the school day on their exam day(s). Please note that this policy does not excuse students from classroom tests, due dates, and deadlines. Students should check with their individual teachers to make sure they are current with their classroom and homework assignments. During AP Testing PPO will NOT take any phone calls for dismissal for any reason and students may not be dismissed during an exam. If a student leaves without following protocol, it will be considered a skipping Code of Conduct infraction.

Attendance questions should be addressed to Mrs. Cheryl Keeline in PPO.

Free Score Report

Indicate the recipient for the free score report by June 20. Directions to do this can be found here.

Questions? Contact Stephanie White, AP Coordinator, by email, Stephanie.White2@cobbk12.org