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The Globalization Academy's 1st Graduating Class!

Auburn University
Clemson University
College of William and Mary
Elon University
Florida State University
George Washington University
Georgetown University
Georgia Southern University
Georgia State University
Georgia Tech
Kennesaw State University
 Northeastern University 
University of Alabama 
University of Florida
University of Georgia
University of Kentucky
University of South Carolina
University of Tennessee
University of Virginia

Globalization refers to the changes in the world where we are moving away from self-contained countries and toward a more integrated world. Globalization of business is the change in a business from a company associated with a single country to one that operates in multiple countries.

We want you to graduate from high school with a full understanding of the historical, social, economic, scientific, and technological components of the global age. To achieve this, you must be willing to ask questions, share insights, study, embrace challenge, and to give your time and energy to our campus and community. In return, you will graduate prepared for the finest universities and with the critical international understandings needed to engage and lead on a global level.

Globalization Academy

9th Grade10th Grade11th Grade12th Grade
Honors 9th LiteratureHonors World LitAP Lang/American LitAP Literature
Algebra I (or higher)GeometryAlgebra IIPre-Calculus
Biology (H or On Level) Chemistry (H or On Level)Physics (H or On Level) Senior Science
AP Human GeographyAP World HistoryAP US HistoryAP Government/AP Macro or Micro Econ
4 years of a World Language (8th grade HS credit for World Language counts toward the 4 years) 
ElectiveHealth/FitnessAP SeminarAP Research

*Required courses in bold

Globalization Academy students have the potential to earn both AP Capstone Diploma Seal and GaDOE’s International Skills Diploma Seal. Required courses for the Globalization Academy meet both Diploma Seal course requirements. Click on both links to read about the additional criteria for these Diploma Seals.

Note: Students may take 4 years of the same world language or take two years of two different languages. French and Spanish are offered through the AP level.

*Students are encouraged to take: 

AP Psychology as an additional class during 11th or 12th grade 

AP Environmental as their Senior Science

Current Issues; however, this will require you to “double up” on Social Studies.

ALL Academy students are required to complete a Capstone Project, a production of an original piece of work. Globalization Academy students will complete their capstone through AP Seminar and AP Research. 

Globalization students will be expected to complete a minimum of 120 hours of community service over the 4 years of the program.

Globalization Academy students will have the opportunity for study/travel at least once during their high school career.


Globalization Academy Application

Teacher Rec Form- Applicants must fill out the Applicant Information portion of the recommendation form PRIOR to emailing the form to your teacher.  Have your teacher email the completed form to Lindsay.Barnette@cobbk12.org.

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