Reporting Protocol and Forms


How to Report Abuse

If danger is imminent, call DFCS at 1-855-422-4453 and if no answer, call 911.

Official Forms

DFCS Protocol / Home Alone Checklist (Form JG-1)

Guide to Making a DFCS Report (Form JG-2)

GCPS Mandated Reporter Form (Form JG-4)

School Social Work Department

514 Glover Street

Marietta, GA 30060

Phone: 678-581-6811

Fax: 678-594-8731

If abuse or neglect is suspected, the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) must be immediately notified, but in no case later than 24 hours from the time there is reasonable cause to believe a child has been abused. All District employees and volunteers are mandated reporters.

  • Contact the person in charge of the facility or his/her designee.
  • If the designee is not available, the mandated reporter shall make the report on his/her own.
  • Complete Form JG-4 (Georgia Child Protective Services Mandated Reporter Form) to the best of your ability, in order to prepare the information needed for making a report.
  • An oral report should be made immediately, but in no case later than 24 hours from the time there is reasonable cause to believe a child has been abused to 1-855-422-4453, the 24-hour reporting line.
  • When attempting to make an oral report, if DFCS Intake does not answer, or, if DFCS Intake instructs the caller to do so, Form JG-4 should be emailed to cpsintake@dhs.ga.gov. Alternately, the form can be faxed to 229-317-9663.
  • Form JG-4 should also be emailed to childabusereport@cobbk12.org within the same 24-hour reporting window.
  • In addition, the principal or person in charge of the facility should be informed of the report.

The District employee should not call the student at home and ask about the suspected abuse; nor make any contact with any member of the student’s family unless the contact is with another student and is necessary to determine if reasonable cause exists to report this student may also be a victim of abuse.  Asking for more information than is necessary to make a DFCS referral may have negative repercussions on the student and the ability of law enforcement to handle the matter.  Refer to Questions Asked During CPS Process Form JG-2 for additional information. 

After Hours Reporting

Immediately call centralized Intake for the State of Georgia at 1-855-GA-Child (1-855-422-4453), weekdays after 5:00 pm, Saturday, Sunday, furlough days and holidays.

Complete Form JG-4 (Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Report Form) and email to childabusereport@cobbk12.org. Notify the principal or person in charge of the facility.

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