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The Cobb Teaching and Learning System is a digital learning environment which precisely identifies what students know, supports student learning, engages parents, and empowers teachers with one goal: student success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Does A Student Access CTLS Learn? Go to http://ctlslearn.cobbk12.org and enter the student’s Office 365 login credentials (see below for additional information). The preferred browser for CTLS Learn is Google Chrome.

How does a student find their Office 365 information? A student or parent can find the student’s Microsoft 365 Username via StudentVue or ParentVue.
How does a student register for Password Self Service (Microsoft 365)? Register to reset your own password. Document | Video

How does a student reset their own password (Microsoft 365)? You must register for Password Self Service before you reset your own password. Document  |  Video

How does a student access their Office 365 email?

Once a student successfully logs in to CTLS Learn, who should they contact if they have issues with the platform? If a student needs assistance once they login to CTLS Learn, they should call the school, email their teacher, OR email CTLSstudent.support@cobbk12.org with a detailed description of their question and/or issue.

What are the accepted file types that a student can upload to CTLS? Click here for details.

What are the file types that are viewable when uploaded in CTLS? Click here for details.

How does a student join a Live Session?

How does a student authenticate to use Zoom? Zoom Support
Are you using a CCSD Chromebook?
If siblings are sharing a device, how does one student log out of CTLS so the other sibling can log in? If you are accessing CTLS on a device with multiple users, you may need to “clear the cache” in between user sessions. Click below to learn how to do that for the applicable browser.
How do siblings who are sharing a device create multiple user accounts on a PC? Click here for details.

What are the technical requirements for accessing CTLS? Click here for details.

Parents and students can submit their technical support questions using the contact information below.

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