Dress Code

School Administration

Milford Elementary School Standard Attire Dress Code Requirements

Standard School Attire

  • Pants/Shorts/Skorts: Khaki or navy blue (fitted at natural waist line and shorts no more than 3 above the knee)
  • Shirts: Plain navy blue, light blue, yellow or white shirts polo style shirts with a collar
  • Milford school spirit shirt may be worn as an approved shirt. There are several styles for sale at the school.
  • Sweaters/Sweatshirts: solid colored navy blue or white sweaters or spirit wear


On Fridays, students may wear spirit wear or clothing of their choice.


Students may not wear the items below on any school day:

  • Crocks, slippers, heelies, flip flops or open toed shoes of any kind
  • Leggings unless they are under a skirt, jumper, or shorts
  • Athletic pants
  • Pants with holes that reveal skin
  • Shirts that do not cover the stomach
  • Tank top or sleeveless shirts of any kind
  • Pajamas outside of pajama day

The front office staff will call home to notify the parent/guardian of students not in standard school attire (SSA). Per our school policy, students not in SSA can be brought a change of clothes or receive a silent lunch.