Milford Elementary Celebrates Hispanic Heritage

Milford Elementary School students celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

From Griffin Middle School, Powder Springs Elementary School, and Hollydale Elementary School to Fair Oaks Elementary School, South Cobb High School, and McEachern High School, schools across Cobb incorporated Hispanic Heritage Month into classroom lessons and hosted celebratory events. IMG_3154-1.JPEG

Students and staff at Milford Elementary School learned about the Latin American intellectuals, scientists, entertainers, athletes, and politicians that have contributed to our nation.

Milford staff, which aims to provide experiences and opportunities to develop students equally, wanted their students to learn as much as possible about Hispanic Heritage Month and why it is celebrated in the United States of America.

Milford teachers decorated their classroom doors with images of famous Hispanic American personalities and information about the different countries. One class wrote an opinion piece about why it is important to celebrate. Other students researched different characters and how they have enriched and impacted the culture in the United States of America. 

IMG_3178-1.JPEGA class of 5th graders went further to learn about immigration and how every family in the United States has a distinct heritage. Students researched their family’s immigration journey and created family trees. During their research, some students learned their families first moved to this land in the 1600s, while others have only lived in the United States for a few years.

To close out the month-long celebration, Milford families proudly shared their favorite Latin American recipes for everyone to enjoy. In addition to Latin music and karaoke, the festive event featured students and families in colorful traditional outfits of their heritage. 

Students, staff, and families are looking forward to the celebration again next school year.