Summer Course Enrichment Opportunities


Cobb County School District is offering high schoolers an opportunity to participate in self-guided, digital lessons as a refresher on a course previously taken or to prepare for an upcoming course in the Fall. 

The Cobb Course Refresher gives high school students who wish to gain a greater comfort level with course content by reviewing digital lessons. Students who register for the Cobb Course Refresher may review content for courses taken during the 2021-2022 school year or preview courses they will take during the 2022-2023 school year.

The Cobb Course Refresher will be accessed via Edmentum Courseware digital learning platform.

  • Students work at their own pace
  • Lesson are easy to follow with opportunities for practice
  • 5-10 question quizzes help students gauge their understanding

A CCSD facilitator will be available to provide an orientation and troubleshoot technical issues.

  • Orientation will be held June 13
  • Course lessons will be available June 14 – July 14

Please note:

  • The Cobb Course Refresher will not result in a class or grade that will be posted on the student’s transcript.
  • Completion of a Course Refresher course will not have a bearing on the previous course grade.
  • There will be no credit awarded upon completion of Cobb Course Refresher courses.
  • The Course Refresher will have no bearing on a student’s GPA.
  • Students will be eligible for select courses taken during the 2021-2022 school year or for classes they intend to take during the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Students can register for multiple courses. See below for a list of available courses.
  • No fee is required.
  • Registration will be held May 9-June 9
  • Parents & Students will receive post-registration information no later than June 12.

Digital Lessons Available

9th Lit Y
10th Lit Y
World Lit Y
American Lit Y
English Lit Y (Brit)
Multicultural Lit Y
GSE Foundations of Algebra Y
GSE Algebra
GSE Geometry
GSE Algebra II Y
GSE Pre-Calculus Y
Biology Y
Physics Y
Physical Science Y
Chemistry Y
Earth Systems Y
Environmental Science Y
World History Y
US History Y
American Government
World Geography Y
Spanish I

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