Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments

This page has been updated with the summer assignments for the 2023-24 school year.

As a reminder, the core courses your teachers recommended for you were listed online when you made your elective choices in March. Please look for those courses and complete the assignments as required.

Magnet Research and Internship

Summer 2023 Advanced Research (includes two assignments to complete)


English Department

All English Courses: Summer Reading


Math Department

Honors Algebra: 

Honors Geometry: 

Honors Advanced Algebra:

AP Calculus AB: Assignment


Science Department

AP Chemistry: 

AP Physics 1: Assignment

Triple Play--AP Biology, Advanced DNA/Genetics, Honors Anatomy: Letter and Assignment

AP Environmental Science: APES Laws Assignment    APES History Assignment

Magnet Biology: Assignment

Social Studies Department

AP US History: Assignment

AP Psychology: Recommended Reading (should be completed prior to the beginning of the course):

  • Slater, Lauren (2004) Opening Skinner’s Box: Great Psychological Experiments of the Twentieth Century W.W. Norton & Co., Inc.: New York
  • A quiz on this optional reading will be given to students who read the book some time during the first few days of the semester. Students who pass this quiz will have bonus points added to their first classroom quiz grade. There is no penalty for not taking the "Skinner's Box" quiz (but this is the only opportunity for bonus/extra credit points during the semester).

World Language Department

Honors Spanish IV: