Observer Accounts


Online learning is no different than other types of schooling; parents are vitally important to student academic success. No matter the school format, the interaction and support of parents is necessary for achievement, encouragement, and accountability.

Cobb Virtual Academy invites parents to join in student learning and encourages parents to communicate with course instructors. Online courses require students to work independently. You can help them in staying focused and motivated by monitoring their progress regularly in their online course.

Because the CVA system is not currently connected with CCSD’s ParentVue, a CVA Parent Observer account is created for you to monitor your student’s progress in their CVA online course. Observer accounts allow parents to: review online course requirements, syllabi, and expectations; read course announcements; access teacher contact information; review assignment due dates in the Course Schedule for assignment submittals; monitor student work; and view the student grade book.

How do parents access their CVA Parent Observer account? Once student registration is completed, a CVA Parent Observer email with parent observer login information is automatically sent to the parent email address that was provided at registration.

For more information, view the video below: