Parking Information



Completion of application does not guarantee a spot.

Contact Dr. Bagley, Sean.Bagley@cobbk12.org, prior to paying on MPP.

Completion of the Application will put you on the wait list for spots if you are a new driver.

Fall drivers who do not complete the application or pay by January 10 will lose their spots.

Second Semester Parking application is now open.

Complete the online application Second Semester Parking Application.  Students will use their Office365 account to complete the application.

  1. Students MUST complete a new application for spring parking even if they have a spot already.
  2. Student Parking Spots will stay the same for spring semester. 
  3. Students who do not complete the application NOR pay for spot will NOT receive a parking spot for spring.
  4. For ONE-DAY parking passes, students must complete the application prior to parking on campus for a maximum of seven one-day parking passes a semester.

⭐⭐MyPaymentsPlus will open January 4 for students to pay for their spot.⭐⭐


Image is available in PDF in Resources section below.

Please click AHS Student Parking if another car is in your assigned parking space. Park in one of the parallel spots on the side for one day.