Easter Comes Early to Kemp with Kindergarten Egg Hunt


The kindergarten classes at Kemp Elementary recently got to spend some time outside searching for eggs. 

Teachers and volunteers were busy in the early morning hours distributing hundreds of eggs in various places around the school grounds, and the classes came out in shifts to scoop them back up. It was a cold morning, but no one seemed to mind as smiles, laughs, and active kindergarteners took their minds off the chilly air.


Joining many parents and family members, Post 7 Board of Education member Brad Wheeler was on hand to enjoy the festivities and support the children's quest for eggs. A long-time Powder Springs resident with deep ties to the area, Mr. Wheeler mentioned that a group in front of the school was actually searching near where the original Kemp family house was located.

"In fact, I remember being at the estate sale for that house and buying a couple of baseball gloves," he said with a smile. "West Cobb was mostly rural back then, and a lot of the school buildings around here are named after the farmers who owned the land."


In between waves of egg-hunters, Wheeler also discussed a gate on the back fence of the school, giving it a significance that very few know about. 

"The Amberton subdivision is right behind here," he said, pointing southeast, "and I was on the Amberton HOA board. I talked to the Principal at the time, Kristy Mason, and she agreed to put that gate in the fence if we cleared up the subdivision side and made it accessible for people to walk through. Now kids and parents can walk safely from Amberton right to the school."

With Spring (and pollen) in the air, it is easy to get swept up by the newness of everything. A brand-new group of Cobb students searching happily for eggs, a crisp early morning with bright sunshine, tulips blooming and adding color to slowly-greening grass, each is a promise in their own way of a new day and a fresh start. But remembering the days from last month, last year, last decade, or even several decades ago can help us appreciate the direction we are moving as individuals and as a community. The gate we take for granted today was put in for a particular reason by someone in the past.


Mr. Wheeler's reflections on Kemp's not-too-distant past are good advice as the District gets ready to enjoy Spring Break. Change often comes slowly, and in little bits and pieces, but over time, many little changes add up to a big difference in making West Cobb and every area of the county a better place to live, work, and learn. 

Happy Spring Break to all Cobb Schools students and families!